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10 Proven Strategies for How to Increase Your Restaurant Google Reviews

in  restaurant google review  By MulaikahUpdated on: 01/06/2024

10 Proven Strategies for How to Increase Your Restaurant Google Reviews

One of the biggest challenges is how to increase your Restaurant Google Reviews? Let us try to understand them one by one.

One of the fastest-growing parts of the Indian economy is the food business. There are a lot more bars, fine dining places, and pop-up restaurants than there used to be. So, how does a restaurant stay open and be successful in this field of gladiators? 

There are many restaurants out there, so people use online reviews to decide where to eat. In today’s busy restaurant world, customer reviews are very important. Good Google reviews help restaurants get new customers. So, restaurants need to get lots of good reviews. How can restaurants use the power of Google reviews to reach more people?

Let’s explore strategies to generate a flood of feedback for your restaurant.

1) Presence on Google:

The most valuable thing for getting reviews is making it easy for people to find your restaurant. Starting a restaurant doesn’t give you a Google profile. You need to use Google My Business (GMB). GMB is free and helps you control your restaurant’s online profile on Google. With GMB, people can find you and leave helpful reviews.

2) Approach:

Approaching people and asking them to leave a review is the best and fastest way to get Google reviews. You can send customers a message, or an email, or nicely ask them to leave a review on Google as they finish their shopping.

3) Make leaving a Google review easy:

The procedure to get the review must be simple and easily approachable to the customers. 

Display a QR code or provide a review link on your receipt, for customers to drop a review.

4) Quick response to review:

Keep an active online presence by responding quickly to Google reviews and getting to know our customers better. Customers will know that you value their feedback, whether it's good or bad if you respond quickly. This can make customers happier and keep them coming back.

5) Engagement with the negative review:

Quickly responding to the bad review will show that you care about customer service. Talk about the problem or issue the customer is having and reassure them that it will be fixed as soon as possible. Show appreciation for the customer by thanking him for leaving a review on Google and apologizing for the trouble this caused him.

6) Avoid buying fake reviews:

People today can tell the difference between real and fake reviews. Fake reviews are usually easy to spot because they use simple words, are missing details, or come from accounts which are rarely used. If a company has fake reviews, it can hurt its reputation. People will feel lied to, and they won’t want to visit the business.

If someone believes a fake review, they might expect something you can’t deliver. This could lead to disappointment and bad reviews. Fake reviews also make it hard to know what to fix, so you can't address real customer concerns.

7) Use feedback surveys:

A creative and unique way to get feedback from people is through feedback polls. However, Google Feedback surveys don't directly collect Google reviews. However, they can be a useful way to get people to leave reviews on your Google My Business page. Make a Google form with a questionnaire that buyers can fill out by choosing one of the choices given. Feedback forms help you figure out how your customers feel. You can nicely ask happy customers to share their good experiences on Google Reviews once you know what makes them happy.

8) Review Loyalty Program:

Set up a reward program where customers can leave reviews on Google and win points. You can trade these points in for savings or free food from the menu. Customers have an extra reason to leave a review because of the program, which results in more reviews generally. This could help your business's reputation with the public and make it more visible generally. 10 Best Loyalty Program Ideas

9) Promote positive reviews:

Share good reviews on your website or social media pages to get more of them. Customers would believe and be interested in your business after reading good reviews, which would make them want to try it. Positive reviews are also social proof that shows potential customers that your business is a great place to eat or pick up food. 

10) Review Roulette:

Review Roulette is a fun way for restaurants and bars to get more Google reviews. It turns the review process into a game and adds a surprise element.

  1. Incentivize Reviews: Give a small reward, like a free coffee, to customers who leave a review during their visit.
  2. Random Selection: Pick the winner randomly with a computer or a spinning wheel. This makes it fun and exciting.
  3. Encourage Participation: The chance to win a surprise prize can make customers who don’t usually leave reviews want to join in.

To sum up, good Google reviews are essential for restaurants, bars, and similar businesses to have a strong online presence. Here’s how you can get them:

  1. Use Different Strategies: Encourage customers to share their experiences.
  2. Build Trust: Good reviews help build trust with future customers.
  3. Provide Excellent Service: Focus on giving great service and tasty food.
  4. Ask for Feedback: Show that you genuinely want to hear from your customers.

By doing these things, you’ll get a steady stream of positive Google reviews that will help your restaurant grow.

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